Restaurants Branding


To move your offerings from concept to customer, we create and implement marketing strategies that include innovative campaigns that are based on proven results.
Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or giving your existing eatery a makeover, we respectfully request that you focus on the food and overall operations, while leaving the restaurant branding, design, interior design, and environmental branding up to us. We work with multi-unit franchises and Mom & Pop places to create bold, memorable restaurant brands that connect with customers at every touchpoint.

Restaurant interior design

We will bring your brand to life throughout the interior and exterior of your restaurant by implementing eye-catching interior design, clear and creative options for wayfinding, effective counter communication, interior and exterior signage, and overall visual appearance. We will address every customer touchpoint along the way, so that the customers’ journey becomes an experience that imprints your brand in the minds of your customers.
During the process, we will advise you on such details as tile selection, wall color and texture, flooring, furniture and fixtures, lighting, and other decor that will ultimately bring your restaurant brand to life within your space.


A good menu should convey your restaurant’s personality, be designed to achieve your restaurant’s underlying goals, and ultimately entice customers to place an order. There’s a psychology to menu design that dictates color, placement, and pricing. A well-designed menu will not only appeal aesthetically to your customers, but it might actually drive your average ticket up. Don’t throw everything but the kitchen sink at your menu, leave the design to the restaurant branding experts — us!


With restaurant branding, we grab the ideas out of your head and slap them onto the chopping block, keeping the ingredients that work and complementing them with a plethora of new ideas to transform your restaurant concept to reality. We advise you on the details and create various materials that come together to create an atmosphere that lends itself to an unforgettable experience for your guests.
In the restaurant industry, it is imperative to create a brand that completely captivates each and every guest even before they walk through the door. Restaurants are heavily dependent on word of mouth advertising and having a constant buzz around town to keep patrons coming back time and time again. We utilize various advertising and social media outlets to make this happen, but it all relies on a solid, strong restaurant brand image. We have the recipe for success, and all we ask of you is to continue creating and serving up delicious dishes.


A well-designed logo depicts a professional, established, and well-designed restaurant. Your logo conveys a message to customers that speaks volumes about the quality of your food and the level of your customer service. Our team of restaurant branding experts is equipped with the restaurant industry insight and design skill necessary to provide you with a creative mark, meant to be the true representation of your restaurant’s vision.
Paired with a color palette and tailored typographic design, your logo will become representative of your restaurant within your market. Our unique logo design process provides multiple logo formats, including a logo outline that gives you the details on font and color usage.

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